Taiwan wins record 11 medals at Olympics

Taiwan has continued its record Olympics run by winning more medals in badminton, boxing, and its first medals in gymnastics and golf, for a total of 11 so far.
The duo of Lee Yang and Wang Chi-lin won gold after beating a Chinese duo in the badminton men’s doubles final, while CT Pan won the bronze in men’s golf after coming out on top in a seven-player playoff. Tzai Tzu-ying claimed a silver after losing to a Chinese player in the women’s singles badminton final.

This success has put a spotlight on why Taiwan competes as “Chinese Taipei” and whether this needs to be corrected.
Chinese online nationalist trolls have targeted Taiwan celebrities like Jolin Tsai and Dee Hsu for supporting Taiwanese athletes at the Olympics. The rationale being that since these celebs have endorsement deals with Chinese companies, they are “traitors” for supporting Taiwanese athletes.

Taiwan and Lithuania have developed a growing relationship recently, while the Baltic nation has moved away from China, as reported by Nikkei Asia.

Beijing’s attempts to intimidate Taiwan have only strengthened Taiwan’s resolve, argue these experts in Foreign Policy.
Taiwan’s trial of ex-president Chen Shui-bian strengthened its democracy and can provide a lesson for the US, argues this expert also in Foreign Policy.

Taiwan saw 20 local Covid cases today, Wednesday, August 4, with zero deaths.

The manufacturing sector grew in June due to strong export orders for high-tech equipment and raw materials.

Furloughed workers exceeded 56,000 as of the end of July.