Taiwan wary of Chinese military intrusions

Taiwan’s premier Su Tseng-cheng calls out China for its frequent military flights near Taiwan in the Taiwan Strait. Chinese military planes have flown near or into Taiwan’s air defense identification zone at least eight times over the past two weeks. These flights are part of what has been termed “grey zone tactics,” which also include Chinese ships intruding into Taiwanese waters and trying to dredge sand.

Several academics argue that Taiwan’s President Tsai Ing-wen is not “pro status quo,” but “pro-sovereignty.”

Taiwan’s first indigenous advanced jet trainer flew for the first time on Monday, June 22. The jet trainer is used to train fighter pilots and can be modified to carry weapons in time of war.

Foreign investments rose by almost 12 percent from January to May this year compared to 2019.

Taiwan’s Tang Prize was awarded this year to three immunologists, a Singaporean-Chinese historian, and three foreign NGOs. The Tang Prize are Taiwan’s version of the Nobel Prize, and are given out every two years for sustainable development, biopharmaceutical science, Sinology and rule of law.

Parts of Taiwan observed a rare annular eclipse on Sunday, when the moon covered most of the sun except for an outermost circular edge.