Premier assures Taiwan won't collapse like Afghanistan in case of war

After the swift capitulation of the Afghan government to the Taliban over the past week, Taiwan Premier Su Tseng-cheng said that Taiwan would not collapse in the event of an attack from China.

China held live-fire military exercises to the southwest and southeast of Taiwan on Tuesday, August 17. The exercises involved both aircraft and ships. China also sent 11 planes into Taiwan’s Air Defence Identification Zone (ADIZ) on Tuesday. China has exceeded last year’s total of planes flying into Taiwan’s ADIZ this year.

China might make use of a vast civilian shipping fleet to augment a potential invasion force, argues this expert in War on the Rocks.

Taiwan saw six local Covid cases today, August 18, and no deaths.

Local pharmaceutical firm United Biomedical failed to obtain emergency use authorization for its Covid vaccine after it did not meet the FDA panel standards.

Strict Covid immigration rules are preventing some residents from entering or leaving Taiwan, as reported by Nikkei Asia.

Income equality increased in July due to the effects of the Covid lockdown.