Level 2 Covid alert extended to August 23, while deaths exceed cases on Aug 7

Taiwan’s level 2 Covid alert has been extended to August 23 though some measures have been loosened. Swimming pools and national parks will be allowed to reopen but at reduced capacity. Daily local cases reached a low of three on Tuesday, August 10 with just one death, but rose to 12 local cases on Wednesday, August 11, and two deaths.

There was a bizarre situation on Saturday, August 7, when the authorities reported six local cases and 12 deaths, perhaps the first time any place has reported more daily deaths than cases. The authorities claimed that this was due to an issue with computer systems where several deaths in July were not entered properly.

Local Covid vaccine manufacturer Medigen should be able to provide vaccines by the end of this year, according to Health Minister Chen Shih-chung.

A young Taiwanese woman who strongly supports the Hong Kong pro-democracy movement has helped numerous Hong Kongers fleeing the authorities come to Taiwan, in this New York Times Magazine feature.

China has withdrawn its envoy to Lithuania and demanded the Baltic nation recall its ambassador in Beijing. China did so due to anger over plans for Taiwan to open a representative office in Lithuania later this year.

Taiwan finished the Tokyo Olympics with 12 medals, the best ever for the nation. The twelve consisted of two golds, four silvers and six bronze medals.

Over 90,000 people lost their jobs in the industrial and service sectors in June, according to the authorities.