Daily local Covid cases reach single digits

Taiwan’s daily local Covid cases continued to decrease as a low of eight was seen on Saturday, July 17, with just one death. There were 16 local cases today, July 21, with five deaths.

Domestic vaccine producer Medigen received government approval for the emergency use and production of its Covid vaccine. However, Medigen’s vaccine has not finished clinical trials yet.

The train crash in April which killed 49 people was not a freak accident but a result of systemic failures at Taiwan’s TRA train agency, reports the New York Times.

In the event of a Chinese invasion of Taiwan, US intervention might not be enough to defeat China, argues this expert in National Review.

Taiwan will open a new representative office in the Lithuanian capital of Vilnius, Taiwan’s foreign minister announced on Tuesday, July 20, but did not specify when exactly.

Population decline in Taiwan, which started in 2020, will continue and will be detrimental to the economy, reports Nikkei Asia.