Australia mulls intervention in future conflict with China; Taiwan bolsters reserves with 'temple militia'

Australia’s military is making plans for potential intervention in the event of a Taiwan conflict, according to sources who spoke to Australian Financial Review.

Taiwan is trying to court more China-based reporters from international outlets after several came last year.

The possibility of China attacking Taiwan soon is not too big, according to some experts, as reported by Al-Jazeera.

Chinese aircraft carrier drills and flight incursions into the Taiwan Strait are intended as a warning for the US and not a sign of an imminent attack, according to Taiwanese officials who spoke to Reuters.

China and Taiwan are economically-dependent on each other, argue Bonnie Glaser and Jeremy Mark in Foreign Policy.

The body of the missing F-5 fighter pilot has finally been found after his plane crashed into another F-5 fighter, whose pilot was found and later died, in mid-April.

The military has extended the computer part of this year’s Han Kuang war games exercise to eight days, up from five. The extension is to enable more analysis.

Two existing military agencies will be combined to form a new reserve force organization as part of a reorganization for any future war. To this end, Taiwan is setting up a “temple militia” to add to its reserve forces.

Taiwan stayed at 43th place in the 2021 World Press Freedom Index compiled by Reporters Without Borders.

Exports grew for the 13th consecutive month to exceed US$53 billion in March, setting a new record for the month.

More water restrictions have been implemented for science parks and industrial zones in Hsinchu, Tainan and Kaohsiung, as well as households in Taoyuan. The restrictions for the former will begin on April 23, while Taoyuan households had their water pressure reduced 24 hours a day starting from the weekend.

Taiwan would benefit from a more multicultural society, I write for Commonwealth Magazine online.

Racism is still present in Taiwan, especially in a preference for a certain type of foreigner over others, as this writer speaks from personal experience.

Taiwan’s government has increased funding for Taiwan Studies programs in several US universities, but it should also consider doing the same for schools closer to home, specifically in New Southbound Policy countries, two scholars write in the Diplomat.

A record number of black-faced spoonbill birds were spotted in Taiwan this winter.